14 Feb 2014
Hotel with pool on Lake Garda, magic!
Holidays are the period of the year that we look forward to the most. We can finally take a break from work and daily routine and dedicate ourselves completely to relax. Choosing the destination for our holidays is therefore difficult, among the numerous options available we need to find the one that most satisfies the needs and tastes of everyone involved. If you don’t want to make a [...]

11 Feb 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda and products registered as Igp and Dop
If you have chosen to spend your holiday at our hotel on Lake Garda Villa Florida, we would like to let you know some curiosities connected the typical products of our wonderful region, Lombardy. In Europe agricultural products can receive a certification that rewards origin and quality. Of these certifications, three are the most important: Dop (protected area of origin), Igp (protected [...]

07 Feb 2014
4 star hotel on Lake Garda and the Parco SigurtĂ 
As you well know, if you have decided to spend a holiday in a 4 star hotel on Lake Garda, the activities available are numerous…beautiful landscapes are waiting to welcome and  pamper you every day of your holiday. Today we won’t mention sport, nor culture, or history…today we want to suggest an excursion that we think is worthwhile, to the Parco Giardino SigurtĂ  on the [...]

04 Feb 2014
Weekend on Lake Garda, a break is needed!
Just over a month since the great Christmas festivities, family meals, holidays, the opening of presents…do these moments seem like long ago? Without a doubt work is occupying most of your time, not to mention family duties…so if you want to rediscover peace and serenity, take time for a weekend on Lake Garda, at Hotel Villa Florida. Our 4 star hotel will accommodate you for a [...]

28 Jan 2014
Holidays on Lake Garda and cooking courses
Learning  to cook or perfecting  your style is important, this passion is really interesting and can become a healthy and genuine outlet for creativity and fantasy. Hotel Villa Florida in Gardone Riviera has thought of offering its guests the possibility of following courses on the typical cuisine of the lake with our professional chefs, for a truly special holiday. The proposal comes from [...]

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