07 Mar 2014
4 star hotel on Lake Garda and boat excursions
Are you among the few lucky people that own a boat?  A holiday on Lake Garda is ideal for you…we recommend Villa Florida, a 4 star hotel on Lake Garda, in Gardone Riviera, that also proposes a mooring service for your boat. At the Canottier di Salò, 5 kilometres away from our 4 star hotel on Lake Garda, there is a mooring service reserved for our guests, with convenient prices and [...]

04 Mar 2014
Hotel with a view over Lake Garda and the bio-olive grove
If you have decided to spend your next summer holidays at Villa Florida, we’ll give you some details about the location in which our hotel  with a view over Lake Garda is situated. Maybe you’ve already heard of the territory of the biggest lake in Italy, the atmosphere that it creates, the landscapes surrounding it…on the one side the little peak that protects it and on [...]

28 Feb 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda: nature awaits you
Villa Florida is one of the most beautiful hotels on Lake Garda. Situated in Gardone Riviera, on the western coast of the lake, in the province of Brescia, will be the reference point of your next summer holiday. If you want to reach a destination considered unique more than rare, dominated by nature and peace, you’re in the right place! Keeping on the theme of nature, we’re [...]

25 Feb 2014
Hotels in Gardone Riviera, how to choose?
Have you already fallen in love with Gardone Riviera and Lake Garda? Do you know the place personally, maybe passing by on other journeys? Fame precedes the biggest lake in Italy, the beauty of this territory and the magic that is created is truly special. Every year thousands of turists arrive from all over the world to spend their holidays here and, when they return home, they carry Lake [...]

21 Feb 2014
4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera and “The Mille Miglia”
This year the important and very popular event “The  Mille Miglia” takes place from 15th to 18th May 2014. Would you like to participate in this grand rally? Would you like to take advantage of the occasion to have a short holiday? We suggest a stay at the magnificent 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera, Villa Florida on Lake Garda, about 40 kilometres from the location of the [...]

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