11 Apr 2014
Hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda and aperitifs!
Today we’re going to talk about aperitifs, here at our hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda Villa Florida! Happy hour is a really pleasant moment of the day, to end the working day and welcome a relaxing and fun evening. A good aperitif stimulates the appetite and prepares us for tasting delicious dishes. This obviously happens all year round but on holiday it’s even more [...]

08 Apr 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda and the Riviera dei Limoni
Villa Florida is a beautiful hotel on Lake Garda situated in Gardone Riviera, on the western coast of the large lake. This side of the lake is also called the Riviera dei Limoni in honour of the splendid and tasty citrus fruits of Garda. History tells us that the first to cultivate citrus fruits in Italy were the Sicilians, in about the year 1000, when Arabs arrived and brought with them the [...]

04 Apr 2014
Hotel with view on Lake Garda: the Belvedere dell'Angelo
This hotel with a view on Lake Garda is pleased to present its very particular panoramic terrace, named the Belvedere dell ’Angelo  (the Angel’s Belvedere). We can say that this is our winning characteristic, it offers an absolutely unique panorama, suggestive and overwhelming. It is on this terrace that the buffet breakfasts are served, prepared with ingredients sourced locally [...]

01 Apr 2014
4 star hotel on Lake Garda immersed in the Parco Alto Garda
The 4 star hotel on Lake Garda, Villa Florida, is immersed in the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, a unique natural park. What distinguishes this natural park from the others? Generally natural parks are limited to a portion of territory that is usually quite homogeneous, with some particularity the flora or fauna. The Parco Alto Garda Bresciano boasts a variety of landscapes, with strong [...]

28 Mar 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda and excursions in nature
Nowadays we hear people speaking about Nordic Walking but what kind of sport is it? Where can you do it? Nordic Walking is a simple , healthy and above-all economic activity. It is carried out in the open air and at contact with nature, it’s good for your circulation, your heart and all the muscles of your body, improving back problems and posture too.  What does this miraculous [...]

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