22 Apr 2014
4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera and great shows
The 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera Villa Florida is not far from the famous Vittoriale degli Italiani, the complex infrastructure desired and donated by the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio in memory of his heroic life. Today the Vittoriale is a foundation open to the public, it offers the possibility to participate in guided tours and, in its wonderful open air theatre with lake view, [...]

18 Apr 2014
Hotel on lake Garda, at Gardone Riviera
Villa Florida is a beautiful hotel on Lake Garda, 4 star, situated on the western shore, Gardone Riviera to be precise, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful parts of the largest lake in Italy. If you are still unsure and you haven’t chosen the destination for your summer holidays, we suggest the Hotel on Lake Garda Villa Florida, an absolute jewel immersed in nature and [...]

15 Apr 2014
A 4 star hotel on Lake Garda for Easter
Easter is getting nearer, do you have the chance to take a few days off and have a springtime holiday with your other half? A stay at our 4 star hotel on Lake Garda could be the perfect present for your partner. Villa Florida is a wonderful 4 star hotel on Lake Garda, situated on Lake Garda, on the western coast. If you desire a few days of relax, romance and springtime colours you’re [...]

11 Apr 2014
Hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda and aperitifs!
Today we’re going to talk about aperitifs, here at our hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda Villa Florida! Happy hour is a really pleasant moment of the day, to end the working day and welcome a relaxing and fun evening. A good aperitif stimulates the appetite and prepares us for tasting delicious dishes. This obviously happens all year round but on holiday it’s even more [...]

08 Apr 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda and the Riviera dei Limoni
Villa Florida is a beautiful hotel on Lake Garda situated in Gardone Riviera, on the western coast of the large lake. This side of the lake is also called the Riviera dei Limoni in honour of the splendid and tasty citrus fruits of Garda. History tells us that the first to cultivate citrus fruits in Italy were the Sicilians, in about the year 1000, when Arabs arrived and brought with them the [...]

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