23 Jul 2013
Apartments of the four-star hotel on Lake Garda: a dream!
This year you have decided to take no care of expenses for your holiday and you are going to spend some fairy-tale days: the perfect solution will be the four star apartments of the Villa Florida hotel on Lake Garda, located in Gardone Riviera. You will find a village, which is rich in history and culture, magnificent villas, one of which hosts our hotel on its territory: near the lake you [...]

16 Jul 2013
Special atmosphere in our 4-star hotel on Lake Garda
It’s the atmosphere of the past that one can breathe at Villa Florida, a 4-star hotel on Lake Garda in Gardone Riviera to be precise, on one of the green hills that make up the Alto Garda Bresciano Natural Park. Staying with us you will feel youself like many noble foreigners, Germans and Austrians in the early 1900s, when these places were considered special holiday destinations and [...]

09 Jul 2013
Holidays in Gardone Riviera and visit of the Vittoriale
A holiday in Gardone Riviera, in the wonderful hotel Villa Florida includes a visit of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, recently nominated the most beautiful park of Italy. At the beginning of the holiday in Gardone Riviera you will find the welcome of the staff of our hotel, we will show you different places of the hotel, help you to accomodate with all the tranquility that befits a [...]

02 Jul 2013
Perfect holidays on Lake Garda
Holidays on Lake Garda are not really complete if you do not plan a boat trip on the lake, if you do not let go completely at the mercy of gentle waves for a few hours. Only in this way you will live the encompassing experience of the largest lake in Italy, a lake that allows for centuries the life, livelihood, wealth of many countries and populations. The Villa Florida hotel wants your [...]

25 Jun 2013
Excursions on Lake Garda from the Hotel Villa Florida
Among the excursions on Lake Garda, the Path Montagnoli connects inland seven of the nine municipalities of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano. It’s viable intensively in 3 days, but another way, perhaps most interesting, is to follow it in some days, perhaps with all variants, to discover the territory in depth. To do this, it’s necessary to choose a good place to stay and to reach [...]

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