23 Apr 2013
A summer on Lake Garda between shows and entertainment
You can be sure that a summer spent in the Villa Florida hotel in Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda will be full of fun and culture. Gardone Riviera, in fact, offers many cultural things, museums such as the Italian Vittoriale, the Heller Botanical Garden, Villa Alba and many other interesting sites, as well as clubs and pubs where you can spend enjoyable evenings or have a drink on the [...]

16 Apr 2013
Four reasons to choose our hotel on Lake Garda
The reasons why you should choose a hotel on Lake Garda rather than any other hotel on Lake Garda for a summer holiday, are summed up in these 4 steps. First reason: The Villa Florida hotel is situated in Gardone Riviera, the pearl of the lake coast. The environment here is very special, halfway between the beaches, hills and mountains; it is home for a wide variety of plant and animal [...]

09 Apr 2013
The Villa Florida, a perfect hotel for Centomiglia
For all lovers of sailing regattas, for those who compete, and also for those who simply want to enjoy a holiday in September on Lake Garda, our hotel is a perfect solution during Centomiglia. The Florida Hotel is really comfortable for watching the Centomiglia, in all its stages, and is situated in Gardone Riviera, not far from the port of Bogliaco where the race starts and allows you enjoy [...]

02 Apr 2013
A romantic and elegant weekend on Lake Garda
It’s not easy to amaze your partner. You have to look for something that is really special, not just a simple gift. Have you ever thought about a romantic weekend on Lake Garda? The Villa Florida, in the beautiful town of Gardone Riviera, is the right hotel to choose from, that will really make your weekend on Lake Garda under the sign of with romantics unforgettable. Our hotel is [...]

26 Mar 2013
A very elegant holiday on Lake Garda
Spring and the first hot days have finally arrived ...It is now time to think about the next summer holiday! In Italy or abroad? Far or near? Among the many possible destinations we recommend you a wonderful holiday on Lake Garda, an area that has no rivals in the world!
The 4-star hotel Residence Hotel Florida in Gardone Riviera offers a luxurious and prestigious holiday on Lake Garda [...]

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