05 Nov 2013
A hotel in Gardone Riviera with a unique view
When we organize a holiday, we choose the destination considering our personal needs. Some people want to have fun and attend lots of parties, some want to find the perfect location to do lots of sport, others want to live an adventure in close contact with nature…and then there are those who want to relax.¬† The last mentioned are certainly the majority, those who want to rest after a [...]

29 Oct 2013
"I dream or I am awake" in a 4-star hotel in Gardone Riviera
Summer is still here but you find yourself under pressure of making a choice for the upcoming holidays? In fact, this happens because of too violent rhythms of work, the problems of life, the family ... Our 4-star hotel in Gardone Riviera will be delighted to welcome you in its facilities during the next summer season. So, it's not too early to organize and to choose the best period for [...]

22 Oct 2013
A wonderful weekend on Lake Garda
If you want to change the scenery for a few days but do not know what to choose, we will give you the answer. What about a weekend on Lake Garda? Not a generic weekend on the lake, but a short and intense stay in one of the most charming hotels in the area, a weekend on Lake Garda in the Hotel Villa Florida in Gardone Riviera. It might be a good time to make a gift to a person you love, or [...]

15 Oct 2013
Holidays in Gardone Riviera on the track of L.Wimmer
On holiday in Gardone Riviera on the track of Luigi Wimmer, it might seem the title of an adventure movie, and that is what you will experience spending the holidays in our four-star hotel. The Villa Florida looks like a balcony overlooking Lake Garda in a wonderful area, in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, on the territory of the town of Gardone Riviera. Holidays in Gardone [...]

08 Oct 2013
Some luxuries of our hotel with a swimming pool on Lake Garda
It's true that in this period of economic difficulty we always tend to cut spending on holidays, to live in austerity, to avoid excesses of any kind, but it is also true that we need to have a little luxury holiday and our wonderful hotel with a swimming pool on Lake Garda will give you few of them. The first situation that will please our guests will definitely be a breakfast of our [...]

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