17 Dec 2013
Hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda, like a film
Villa Florida is a large hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda, at Gardone Riviera to be precise, which is pleased to be the hotel of your choice for your holidays. Your stay here will turn your dreams into reality making you feel as if  you’re in a film. Here are the most famous examples: -Breakfast and buffet in our  hotel with swimming pool on Lake Garda, at the poolside: how [...]

10 Dec 2013
Holiday on Lake Garda and….nature!
If you love nature you can’t miss the chance of spending a holiday on Lake Garda, at  Hotel Villa Florida in Gardone Riviera. This place is already famous for its charming landscapes, dominated by the vigorous nature typical of the Mediterranean, which grows spontaneously on these coasts thanks to the mild climate all year. You can organize interesting excursions to the mountainous [...]

03 Dec 2013
Hotel in Gardone Riviera, still the charm of the Belle époque.
Lake Garda is a truly magical place, known all over the world. The atmosphere is special, dominated by nature and harmony. Every town that sits on the coast of Lake Garda has particular characteristics that make it unique…today we want to speak about one of the most beautiful, the borgo of Gardone Riviera. If you have the intention of spending a holiday on Lake Garda, this is the [...]

26 Nov 2013
The top hotel with view over Lake Garda
The real holiday, for many of us, comes only once a year and usually in the summer. We wait for it for so long that everything has to be perfect and has to satisfy 100% of our wishes. This is exactly the reason why you mustn’t choose a mediocre location, you have to aspire to the best and demand the maximum. Ladies and gentlemen, we present a splendid hotel with a view over Lake Garda, 4 [...]

19 Nov 2013
Hotel on Lake Garda, large golf courses nearby
Among the many sports famous on Lake Garda (windsurfing, scuba-diving, sailing, mountain-biking, Nordic walking etc.), one of the most relaxing is certainly golf. Those who love this sport know how important the location and nature surrounding the course is, for a truly wonderful match…and what’s better than Lake Garda? Today we’re presenting a hotel on Lake Garda near one [...]

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