28 Jan 2014
Holidays on Lake Garda and cooking courses
Learning  to cook or perfecting  your style is important, this passion is really interesting and can become a healthy and genuine outlet for creativity and fantasy. Hotel Villa Florida in Gardone Riviera has thought of offering its guests the possibility of following courses on the typical cuisine of the lake with our professional chefs, for a truly special holiday. The proposal comes from [...]

21 Jan 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda and great golf courses
When you cultivate a great passion it’s important to experience the most positive emotions tied to that passion. For instance, if you love golf it’ll be a unique experience spending a holiday at a hotel on Lake Garda near the biggest and most suggestive golf courses in the area. You certainly know the difference between playing on a synthetic course, maybe created in the city, [...]

14 Jan 2014
Hotel on Lake Garda: one choice, Villa Florida
What do we expect from a holiday? Generally when we leave for a holiday we leave all horrible thoughts behind, the stress of work and the everyday demands of home life…living a holiday means thinking about relaxing, regenerating, recharging  our energies and our well-being. Two things are very important when looking for a destination for our holidays: the location and the holiday [...]

07 Jan 2014
Holiday at Gardone Riviera: windsurfing and sailing
Maybe not everyone knows that the first models of windsurf were tried right here on Lake Garda, due to the favorable weather conditions that it offers. If you love water sports and in particular windsurfing and sailing, don’t miss out on a great holiday at Gardone Riviera, on the western coast of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia. Whether you are expert  sailors and surfers, or [...]

31 Dec 2013
Summer on Lake Garda: Nature, culture or adrenaline?
Being well and truly in the middle of winter it comforts, helps  and warms us to think, already, of our next holidays and summer on Lake Garda 2014. If you have already chosen this destination then make your location Hotel Villa Florida at Gardone Riviera, a wonderful 4 star hotel that will accommodate you for your special summer on Lake Garda. Why choose this destination? Firstly, the [...]

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