01 Sep 2014
Cookery courses at our hotel on Lake Garda
Our hotel on Lake Garda Villa Florida organizes special cookery courses of the typical cuisine of the lake for all the guests that wish to discover some secrets about the most characteristic dishes of the area. The territory here is so rich and generous that it gives us unique products and it would be a pity to not use them in the best ways, for the pleasure of our palates. The hotel on Lake [...]

24 Aug 2014
A century ago, in 1910, the Berliner poet and writer Paul Heyse was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The occurrencefalls entirely in the great cultural history of Gardone Riviera’s Central European Time, now almost forgotten yet still alive in all those who preserve memory of the events which made great the little town on Lake Garda, elected to “place of the soul” for a [...]

21 Aug 2014
Lake Garda, Gardone Riviera and the places of the Spirit
For the Guests of our 4-star hotel who look for meditation and peace during their holiday in Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda, there is a place which must be rediscovered: we are talking about the Sanctuary of Montecastello in Tignale, a beautiful village in the Regional Park Alto-Garda, veritable green treasure in the Prealpi. The Sanctuary is situated on a rocky outcrop 700 m from the clear water [...]

01 Aug 2014
4 star hotel in Gardone RivieraÂ…very romantic!
Do you need a relaxing and romantic holiday with your other half? It is often the stress of everyday life that disrupts that harmony and serenity that is so desired…what can be done in these cases? Don’t wait too long and give your partner a special holiday gift at the 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera Villa Florida, a magnificent 4 star on the western shore of Lake Garda. You [...]

30 Jul 2014
Alto Garda, the greenest and most savage area of the Garda district, included between Salò and Riva, is certainly a territory rich in hotels fitted in beautiful landscape environments. In the north, once passed Gardone Riviera, Maderno and Gargnano, the lake stretches among the coasts of Brescia, Trento and the Venetian one, shaping a fjord very similar to the ones of Norway. Being able to [...]

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