Weekend on Lake Garda, a break is needed!

Weekend on Lake Garda: culture, nature, sport or relax? Book at Villa Florida!

Just over a month since the great Christmas festivities, family meals, holidays, the opening of presents…do these moments seem like long ago? Without a doubt work is occupying most of your time, not to mention family duties…so if you want to rediscover peace and serenity, take time for a weekend on Lake Garda, at Hotel Villa Florida.
Our 4 star hotel will accommodate you for a couple of magical and relaxing days, perfect to change your daily routine. You don’t need a holiday, just those couple of days but lived to the full to recharge your energy and return to daily life regenerated! Spending a weekend on Lake Garda at Villa Florida is just what you need.
You can choose the way to spend these days: relaxing at the poolside with your other half, discovering nature walking in the charming surroundings, or visiting museums and works of art that the area offers in the open air…without forgetting sport for those who love the numerous activities available here.
Weekend on Lake Garda? Leave immediately and book your stay at Villa Florida!


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