Summer on Lake Garda: Nature, culture or adrenaline?

To warm yourselves from this winter cold prepare yourselves in advance and think about next summer on Lake Garda, guests at Villa Florida.

Being well and truly in the middle of winter it comforts, helps  and warms us to think, already, of our next holidays and summer on Lake Garda 2014. If you have already chosen this destination then make your location Hotel Villa Florida at Gardone Riviera, a wonderful 4 star hotel that will accommodate you for your special summer on Lake Garda.
Why choose this destination? Firstly, the biggest lake in Italy is already a valid reason, the atmosphere is unique and you will feel pampered, immersed in lush nature. You can choose from many activities, excursions or places to visit leaving directly from our hotel:
-for a summer on Lake Garda dedicated to nature, not far from Villa Florida there is the wonderful botanic garden belonging to the Heller foundation, a paradise on earth with flowers, plants, trees, waterfalls and more.
-for a summer on Lake Garda dedicated to culture, don’t miss the interesting guided tour of the Vittoriale, home of Gabriele d’Annunzio, and if you have the occasion go and see a show at the spectacular open air theatre.
-for a summer on Lake Garda dedicated to fun, fun, fun, nearby  there’s  Gardaland and the biggest fun parks in northern Italy, for days of pure adrenaline.
Think about your next holiday in advance and book the best you can wish for, in one of the magical suites of Hotel Villa Florida! Contact us!


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