Hotels in Gardone Riviera: an exclusive service of Villa Florida

If you have problems with food intolerances don't worry, choose Villa Florida among the hotels in Gardone Riviera and our cook will prepare special meals for you.

Having serious food intolerances can be a problem when going on holiday and eating out too. Let’s take Celiac for instance, this intolerance to a protein found in wheat and other common cereals, causes deep intestinal problems and eating pasta, bread, pizza and products with cereals is forbidden. How can you plan your holiday serenely?
Hotel Villa Florida, one of the best hotels in Gardone Riviera, has thought of everything and proposes a truly special breakfast to gluten intolerance sufferers, without having to renounce the taste, flavour and quality. Our chef is pleased to prepare fresh and healthy meals for celiacs, that won’t give your digestion any problems.
Imagine being guests at Hotel Villa Florida among the many hotels of Gardone Riviera, sitting on the wonderful panoramic terrace with a lake view, what better way to wake up than with drinks, cakes and snacks for breakfast prepared just for you? What a way to start the day!
Villa Florida pays much attention to the special requests and needs of its guests, also concerning special or particular food. We want to propose an unforgettable holiday and our staff is at your complete service. Among the many hotels of Gardone Riviera choose Villa Florida!
Contact us for any information, special holiday estimates or to book. Spend your next holiday in one of the most welcoming hotels of Gardone Riviera.


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