Hotel with a view over Lake Garda and the bio-olive grove

Villa Florida, a hotel with a truly special view over Lake Garda, immersed in nature and surrounded by typical vegetation.

If you have decided to spend your next summer holidays at Villa Florida, we’ll give you some details about the location in which our hotel¬† with a view over Lake Garda is situated.
Maybe you’ve already heard of the territory of the biggest lake in Italy, the atmosphere that it creates, the landscapes surrounding it…on the one side the little peak that protects it and on the other the amazingly colourful stretch of water. What you don’t know is what awaits you when you arrive at our wonderful hotel with a view over Lake Garda!
The slightly elevated position of our 4 star hotel allows us to offer you a unique and exclusive panorama of the most beautiful part of Lake Garda, Gardone Riviera. The surrounding territory is like a picture frame for this hotel with a view over Lake Garda and even more charming and it is with great pride that we want to show you our bio-olive grove.
All around Villa Florida grows a fantastic bio-olive grove where olives are organically produced to give us the special olive oil of Lake Garda, considered worldwide one of the lightest and fragranced. It is produced solely in the territory of the Parco Alto Garda, therefore in limited quantity; the pleasure of buying this product is reserved for the guests of our hotel.
What do you think about this holiday in the name of nature and panoramas? Our hotel with a view over Lake Garda will surprise you…positively.


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