Hotel on Lake Garda and great golf courses

Don't miss the occasion to experience a holiday at a hotel on Lake Garda near the most beautiful golf courses immersed in nature.

When you cultivate a great passion it’s important to experience the most positive emotions tied to that passion. For instance, if you love golf it’ll be a unique experience spending a holiday at a hotel on Lake Garda near the biggest and most suggestive golf courses in the area. You certainly know the difference between playing on a synthetic course, maybe created in the city, among the traffic and pollution and a real golf course immersed in nature and this wonderful landscape. Well, Hotel Villa Florida offers you this possibility: firstly, a beautiful holiday in Gardone Riviera, without missing the chance to play golf in the nearby golf courses “Bogliaco”, “Palazzo Arzaga” or “Chervò San Virgilio”. Each of these has unique services: bars, restaurants, trails planned through nature, wellness centre, equipment hire and much more. You won’t be missing anything and you can live this experience to the full.
Hotel Villa Florida on Lake Garda, near these golf courses will be the perfect reference point when you get back from your day of sport with welcoming suites equipped with full comforts for your well-earned rest.
Elegance, luxury, relax…key words for both golf and our hotel on Lake Garda! Contact us immediately for any information, we’re at your service.


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