Hotel on Lake Garda and excursions in nature

From our hotel on Lake Garda you can organize excursions to discover the impressive natural environment. One of these trips is in The Paper Valley at Toscolano-Maderno.

Nowadays we hear people speaking about Nordic Walking but what kind of sport is it? Where can you do it? Nordic Walking is a simple , healthy and above-all economic activity. It is carried out in the open air and at contact with nature, it’s good for your circulation, your heart and all the muscles of your body, improving back problems and posture too.  What does this miraculous activity consist of? Simple, it’s a walk with rackets (similar to ski rackets), that are used as a pushing aid and not a resting stick, so as to involve more muscles possible.
If you want to experiment with this activity during your holiday, the ideal place is Lake Garda. Introducing Villa Florida, a beautiful hotel on Lake Garda, a 4 star immersed in nature, perfect for those who want to relax and regenerate.
From our hotel on Lake Garda you can set off for some really interesting excursions in the hills or mountains, trying out this new Nordic Walking (equipment not supplied by hotel). We suggest a trip to The Paper Valley, in Toscolano-Maderno, about 5 minutes by car from our hotel on Lake Garda. With or without the walking rackets, you can see the ruins of the old paper mills that were built in Toscolano in 1350 and take a dive into the past, visiting the museum dedicated to the valley. It will be a trail full of caves, nature and very impressive. There are many other itineraries, all enclosed in a map of the mountain paths present also on our website.
The staff at our hotel on Lake Garda will be pleased to give you any further information to find out about the beauties of this area. Contact us for any reason.


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