Holidays in Gardone Riviera on the track of L.Wimmer

Luigi Wimmer chose the holidays in Gardone Riviera for treatment and then transformed it into a tourist town

On holiday in Gardone Riviera on the track of Luigi Wimmer, it might seem the title of an adventure movie, and that is what you will experience spending the holidays in our four-star hotel.
The Villa Florida looks like a balcony overlooking Lake Garda in a wonderful area, in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, on the territory of the town of Gardone Riviera.
Holidays in Gardone Riviera will acquire a taste of everything especially if you go in search of information and the places where Luigi Wimmer lived. An engineer, an Italian citizen of Austrian origin, already in the army of Garibaldi, came to the village at the end of the nineteenth century because had sick lung, determined to heal thanks to the mild climate of the lake. The beneficial climate was good for his physical condition and the young enthusiast decided to make known Gardone and Riviera to friends and compatriots.
Your holidays in Gardone Riviera as you can see have famous ancestors! Wimmer was so enamored of the country that he decided to build the hotel Pizzocolo, that today it’s possible to visit, which however he could not see realized.
Follow his track, visit the places where he used to go during the holidays in Gardone Riviera.
The stay at the Villa Florida Hotel will be ideal crowning of a perfect stay.
"... Towards the end of December, the colony is complete, hotels, villas are overflowing, but the arrivals are constant, every day brings other people, eager for blue skies and sunshine."



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