Holidays in Gardone Riviera and visit of the Vittoriale

While on holiday in Gardone Riviera, choose the Villa Florida and its excellent services for your stay. From our hotel you can easily reach the Vittoriale degli Italiani and enjoy your holiday in Gardone Riviera in the best way

A holiday in Gardone Riviera, in the wonderful hotel Villa Florida includes a visit of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, recently nominated the most beautiful park of Italy.
At the beginning of the holiday in Gardone Riviera you will find the welcome of the staff of our hotel, we will show you different places of the hotel, help you to accomodate with all the tranquility that befits a holiday.
Then you can ask the front desk all the information you need, and organize with us your visit to the Villa of D'Annunzio.
The Vittoriale is the monumental citadel built on the shores of Lake Garda by the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio together with the architect Giancarlo Maroni, it is a complex of buildings, streets, squares, theaters, gardens, and waterways built in memory of his "inimitable life" or an undertaking in Italian during the first World War.
It's a source of pride for the citizens of this charming village, and during your holiday in Gardone Riviera you'll notice it: many houses, local, traditional restaurants are located close to the walls, sometimes they are also communicating, a symptom of a deep rooting of the complex with the territory.
From our hotel you will reach the Vittoriale in short time, and there you can choose to visit both the villa and the garden, or only one of them.
Don't miss this wonderful place during the holiday in Gardone Riviera.


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