Great personality for holidays on Lake Garda

Some of the most important and educated people of the century stayed in Gardone Riviera: discover them during your holidays on Lake Garda. Choose Hotel Villa Florida for your holidays on Lake Garda, go in search of traces of D'Annunzio, Wimmer and Heyse.

It is really hard to find a country with such a rich history and educated acquaintances. The atmosphere and culture that you breathe in Gardone Riviera will be the most interesting aspect of the holidays on Lake Garda 2013.
It 's important that beautiful holiday on Lake Garda become even more interesting if you spend your time discovering the history of the country, buildings and palaces that have marked the history, people who have lived there.
Our hotel is located in Gardone Riviera, and will be happy to welcome you and to contribute to the success of the holiday on the lake: the staff of Villa Florida will give you all the information and tips for discovering some of the most important cultural and historical moments of the country.
In the first place you will find some of Gabriele D'Annunzio, a visit to the Vittoriale, is enough to make unforgettable holiday on Lake Garda.
Also important is the presence in Villa Iolanda until 1910 of German poet Paul Heyse, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1910.
Finally, to quote Luigi Wimmer who was also the architect of your holiday on Lake Garda, making the area famous for European tourism.
Heyse wrote in Gardone:
"... On the shores of my lake, on whose banks / peace beats its wings /I'd listen with the murmur of the waves / a frinir of cicadas / salute the high Monte Baldo / head asleep / blackening of the lake and proud and balance / crowned by stars. "


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