Excursions on Lake Garda: the path of wine and flavours

Discovering typical products of the territory thanks to these trips on Lake Garda. Today we're presenting The Path of Wine and Flavours.

The world of excursions on Lake Garda is truly endless: starting  with the discovery of nature and landscapes  to historical and cultural facts, sport excursions tied to (under)water activities to those that regard typical products of the territory…today we’re going to discuss the latter excursions on Lake Garda, the tour on the Path of Wine and Flavours.
This venture began in 2010 to let the locals and tourists discover the flavours, foods and wines typical on the western shore of Lake Garda, the Brescia area. Gastronomic tourism is certainly on the rise, the request for holidays with a culinary background to taste the typical foods of the area is constantly increasing!  So this is why we’re suggesting our excursions on Lake Garda on the Path of Wine and Flavours.
What can’t you miss?
-The consortium for the protection for Lugana DOC (from controlled origins), a golden white wine, delicate and harmonious.
-The Garda Classico white, red, red superior, rosè, groppello and groppello reserve
-San Martino della Battaglia, classic and sweet
-DOC Valtenesi, red and rosè
-DOP oil of Lake Garda, carefully selected, delicate, sweet and scented
-other products such as salami, cheese lake fish etc.
Satisfaction is assured. If you spend your holidays here at Hotel Florida you can take part in these interesting excursions on Lake Garda!  Don’t miss this opportunity.  


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