Excursions on Lake Garda: here is Verona !

Villa Florida organizes really striking excursions on Lake Garda in a way not to miss anything in these wonderful areas.

When it comes to having a holiday in a place like this, it is inevitable to fall in love and try to see as much as possible. For this reason Villa Florida organizes excursions on Lake Garda, in order to satisfy all the tourists and give unforgettable moments.
Today we talk about one of the most requested excursions on Lake Garda, we mean Verona. This city is considered one of Italy's most romantic, it's really famous for Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet", set in Verona. Here there is still the Juliet's house with the famous balcony and also the woman's grave, where you consume the final drama: Romeo, believing that his beloved was dead is poisoned, but the whole thing was a hoax and, once awakened , Juliet decides to join him and stabs in the chest.
Do you want to participate in one of many excursions on Lake Garda? You can admire the Arena, the Roman amphitheater in the historic center, Piazza Bra of the first half of '500, Piazza delle Erbe, most ancient Verona, built on the old forum ... and much more!
The Hotel Villa Florida also offers the service of booking tickets for the season of concerts and operas at the Arena.
What do you think? You also want to spend a day in Verona during your holidays on Lake Garda? So, choose the Hotel Villa Florida and one of the many organized excursions on Lake Garda!


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