A romantic weekend on Lake Garda in Gardone Riviera

Be sure to spend a special romantic weekend on Lake Garda at the Villa Florida hotel in Gardone Riviera. The loving escape will be organized in details: a special suite, walks, dinners and other services, such as those offered by our hotel. Different types of massage for a truly unforgettable romantic weekend on Lake Garda

Your  relationship is rather fresh, in the prime of passion, work is however plenty and in times like this you can not give it up, friends will pester you for evening outings, get-togethers, you do not know how to say no ...
Be careful, because this is the situation when your partner may suffer.
So, it's appropriate moment to arrange a nice romantic getaway, a long and relaxing romantic weekend on Lake Garda, completely entrusted to the care of the staff at the Villa Florida Hotel.
Book in time your romantic weekend at Lake Garda, choose one of our beautiful suites for you and also the services you would like to have and give it to the other person during  two days of vacation.
You can be sure  to provide everything in details for a romantic weekend on Lake Garda, think about particular points where to walk, where to dine at the right restaurant and about the program after dinner.
Escape from the city and your romantic weekend on Lake Garda will become even more attractive thanks to the services and health care in Gardone Riviera at the Villa Florida Hotel; book accommodation together with a massage of your choice: shiatsu, antistress, Ayurvedic or foot reflexology.
In this way you will put your partner in a idyllic condition, you both will be so relaxed that you can dedicate exclusively to one another: a passionate and indelible sign of your love



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