24 Sep 2013
A hotel in Gardone Riviera among museums, gardens and villas
Summer on the Garda is ending and there comes one of the most beautiful seasons in this area, a mild autumn. Autumn months are chosen by many tourists for a stay on the lake. The Villa Florida hotel in Gardone Riviera will be happy to accommodate you and make your stay wonderful. This period is also ideal for visiting gardens, villas and museums. From our hotel in Gardone Riviera you can [...]

17 Sep 2013
4 star apartments on Lake Garda: the offers
Would you like something truly unique for this summer? Do you need to spend unique moments in a beautiful place, keeping your privacy without sacrificing luxury and elegance? Here are wonderful 4 star apartments of Villa Florida on Lake Garda. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 4 star apartments on Lake Garda truly unique, with one or two bedrooms: - "Gli Ulivi" 50 sq m, up to [...]

10 Sep 2013
Excursions on Lake Garda: here is Verona !
When it comes to having a holiday in a place like this, it is inevitable to fall in love and try to see as much as possible. For this reason Villa Florida organizes excursions on Lake Garda, in order to satisfy all the tourists and give unforgettable moments. Today we talk about one of the most requested excursions on Lake Garda, we mean Verona. This city is considered one of Italy's [...]

03 Sep 2013
A special hotel on Lake Garda
Today we present a beautiful 4 star hotel on Lake Garda, on the western shore of the lake, in Gardone Riviera. We are talking about Villa Florida and if you want to spend an unforgettable holiday on the lake, this is your ideal accommodation. This hotel on Lake Garda provides you with furnished, cozy and elegant suites, perfect for special moments. And if you look out of the window, the view [...]

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