28 May 2013
A pearl among the hotels of the Italian lakes
Among the hotels on the Italian lakes, there are some that are differentiated by the quality of the facilities and the care they put to every detail. On Lake Garda, in particular, there is the Hotel Villa Florida, in Gardone Riviera, on the Brescia side of the lake: a suitable hotel to make your holidays unforgettable, because it’s exactly that you are dreaming. When you imagine the [...]

21 May 2013
A romantic weekend on Lake Garda in Gardone Riviera
Your  relationship is rather fresh, in the prime of passion, work is however plenty and in times like this you can not give it up, friends will pester you for evening outings, get-togethers, you do not know how to say no ... Be careful, because this is the situation when your partner may suffer. So, it's appropriate moment to arrange a nice romantic getaway, a long and relaxing [...]

14 May 2013
A great hotel with a swimming pool on Lake Garda
Thinking about a holiday on the lake, the first thoughts that come to mind regards beaches, afternoons relaxing on the couch and long swims. But a hotel with a swimming pool overlooking Lake Garda can reserve some surprises which you have never thought of, especially if the property in question is the Villa Florida in Gardone Riviera. Our hotel with a swimming pool on Lake Garda will be [...]

07 May 2013
Great personality for holidays on Lake Garda
It is really hard to find a country with such a rich history and educated acquaintances. The atmosphere and culture that you breathe in Gardone Riviera will be the most interesting aspect of the holidays on Lake Garda 2013. It 's important that beautiful holiday on Lake Garda become even more interesting if you spend your time discovering the history of the country, buildings and palaces [...]

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