4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera and “The Mille Miglia”

A long weekend at our 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera to participate in the grand event: the automobile race “The Mille Miglia” in Brescia

This year the important and very popular event “The  Mille Miglia” takes place from 15th to 18th May 2014. Would you like to participate in this grand rally? Would you like to take advantage of the occasion to have a short holiday? We suggest a stay at the magnificent 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera, Villa Florida on Lake Garda, about 40 kilometres from the location of the event.
Why Villa Florida? This 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera is truly unique of its kind, elegant suites equipped with full comforts and commodities. The view from our terrace, slightly elevated, will give you the chance to observe the dreamlike vision of the biggest lake in Ital and you’ll fall in love with it.
Going back to “The Mille Miglia”, from our 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera you can arrive at the location established for the start of the race in less than 50 minutes, the date of which is 15th May in the afternoon in Brescia.
 Some deails about the race? To begin with,  only cars that raced in the historic race, driven by crews from all over the world can take part in the race. The itinerary is as follows, on Thursday, the journey from Brescia to Padova, Friday the drive down to Rome passing through San Marino and Aquila, Saturday the return journey up the peninsula to Bologna and on Sunday the return to Brescia.
If you love vintage, historic or classic cars you can’t miss the chance to spend a weekend in Brescia and witness this event. We suggest a stay at our 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera Villa Florida to complete your journey with a few moments of peace, relax and tranquility.  


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