26 Mar 2013
A very elegant holiday on Lake Garda
Spring and the first hot days have finally arrived ...It is now time to think about the next summer holiday! In Italy or abroad? Far or near? Among the many possible destinations we recommend you a wonderful holiday on Lake Garda, an area that has no rivals in the world!
The 4-star hotel Residence Hotel Florida in Gardone Riviera offers a luxurious and prestigious holiday on Lake Garda [...]

19 Mar 2013
A wonderful 4-star hotel on Lake Garda
When the moment to take a well-deserved and needed holiday is coming, you have to choose the destination in the right way. There are so many factors to take in consideration, but the most important are the location and the type of a tourist facility. If you are among the lucky ones who can afford a wonderful holiday in a unique place in the world, we recommend the 4-star hotel Florida [...]

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